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Helpless children home

We are starting our mission in Kathmandu,
the capital of Nepal

Nepal is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. Despite the international aid that allows this country to survive, children cannot enjoy all their rights. Poverty, malnutrition, violence, these children have to grow up in circumstances that are harmful to their lives.

It is thanks to the help of numerous donations that we have been able to considerably improve conditions at the children’s home. However, there are still many improvements to be made, and it is vital to ensure that the progress already achieved in terms of nutrition, hygiene and education is preserved. Indeed, each financial help that the association will bring, will paint a smile on the children’s faces and will contribute to an improvement of the situation.

It is now our duty to ensure that the children from Helpless Children Home continue to smile.

Our achievements so far

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Education is the key to ending the cycle of poverty.

After investing in educational materials, including computers for online courses, books and pens during the pandemic, the children had access to distance learning courses.

5 students have passed their final exams since the start of our work, and have gone on to complete their training thanks to our financial support.

Higher education and professional qualifications have helped to boost the confidence of young adults. Four young people go on to college and one has completed an engineering degree funded by SAS. This has greatly increased the chances of these young people finding employment.


Before Sharing a Smile intervened, the children ate at most once a day and only if their financial resources allowed them to do so. Most meals consisted exclusively of rice.

Today, the children receive a varied and balanced diet consisting of three meals a day. Fruit and vegetables, starches and proteins are now part of their daily diet. Indeed, since investing in better infrastructure and balanced meals, the children’s physical and mental health has improved dramatically.

We have also renovated the kitchen and dining area. This space was not ventilated and unsuitable for the children’s healthy development.



An important point in every child’s development is access to regular medical care and the availability of treatment in the event of illness or medical emergency. 

This is why we ensure that each child is followed up by a general practitioner, an ophthalmologist and a dentist. In the case of illness, we provide treatment, whether physical or psychological, as quickly as possible and under the most favourable conditions.


Previously, children had to wash at public washing stations, often a long way from their home. They had no clean toilets and no access to potable water.

The installation of showers, water tanks and toilets has had an extremely positive impact on children’s health and hygiene.


The environment in which children grow is very important. We have therefore renovated the kitchen and ensured that each child has a bed and dedicated space to place their personal belongings.

In Nepal, temperatures vary significantly throughout the year. That is why we ensure the insulation of the house, for example by replacing windows that were previously missing or broken. Additionally, the children are provided with clothing suitable for the weather conditions.

Setting up a local organisation structure

Investing in the salary of a person responsible for the structure and development of the children is essential if the project aims to evolve more effectively.

That’s why we recruited Sharmila, the social worker, whose language skills and studies have made communication much easier. In addition, needs are now identified more easily, as Sharmila is on site every day of the week and can therefore easily identify needs and remedy any problems that arise.

The children

from helpless children home

Sunil Pariyar

Hobbies : Playing football and singing
Goals : Own a football ground and playing in a music band

Ekraj Sunar

Hobbies : Playing football, basketball and reading
Goals : Become an engineer

Prashant Pariyar

Hobbies : Playing football and riding a bicycle
Goals : Become a scientist (astronomy)

Bhawan Malla

Hobbies : playing football, reading and science
Goals : Become an engineer

Padam Sunar

Hobbies : Running
Goals : Become part of the army

Santosh Malla

Hobbies : Playing football and chess
Goals : Become a football player and cycle

Sarjun Pariyar

Hobbies : Playing football and riding the bicycle

Keshav Sunar

Hobbies : Playing football and reading
Goals : Become a football player or an engineer

Rabindra Hitan

Hobbies : Playing football and reading
Goals : Computer science study

Bikesh Sunar

Hobbies : Dancing
Goals : Become part of the army

Lokesh Sunar

Hobbies : Dancing
Goals : Become an engineer

Tulshing B k

Hobbies : Walking and practicing math
Goals : Become an engineer

Urmila Thing

Hobbies: Listening to music
Goals: Become a lawyer

Puspa Budha

Hobbies: Dancing, travelling and reading
Goals: IT

Santoshi Chhatyal

Hobbies: Reading, dancing, travelling and cooking
Goals: Become a bank manager

Samjhana Lama

Hobbies: Singing, dancing and studying
Goals: Become a singer

Rajani Nepali

Hobbies: Dancing, singing, listening to music, travelling and studying
Goals: Become a dance teacher

Saraswoti Sunar

Hobbies: Dancing and playing board games

Smriti Rokaya

Hobbies: Reading, playing ans dancing
Goals: Become a teacher

Aashiyana Subba

Hobbies: Dancing
Goals: Become a doctor

Jharana Rokya

Hobbies: Singing, playing and watching TV
Goals: Become a nurse

Asmita Sunar

Hobbies: Reading stories and travelling
Goals: Become a teacher

Manika Rokya

Hobbies: Dancing and reading
Goals: Become a doctor

Astha Dhami

Hobbies: Dancing and reading
Goals: Become a teacher

Aayusha Dhami

Hobbies: Dancing and playing games
Goals: Become a doctor

Ramlaxi Bumi

Hobbies: Watching TV, playing badminton and reading story books
Goals: Become part of the Army

Devaki Karki

Hobbies: Dancing, playing, travelling and reading books
Goals: Become a model

Sweta Karki

Hobbies: reading, dancing and watching TV
Goals: Become an artist

Aaryana Subba


A sweet couple opened this home 14 years ago. They had a wonderful son who’s now in his thirties and married a helpful soul. They take care of 37 lovely children around the clock. Most of them, having lost their parents in a civil war in West of Nepal, urgently needed a loving home. 



Helpless Children Home is located in the suburban area of the capital city of Nepal: Kathmandu. The children live in an area called Chovar in Kirtipur on a street leading to the Jungle.

Their House

Their house has few rooms:

  • 1 boys room
  • 2 girls rooms
  • One kitchen and a dining room
  • Three toilets
  • Terrasse where they do homework, dance and enjoy their free time
  • One bedroom for the son of the president and his wife

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