Vero Reinert


My aim is to help build a lasting positive environment for the most warm-hearted children I have ever met. In summer 2019 I volunteered in the suburb of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. By pure hazard I changed my medical program to a social program in this very orphanage, because I couldn’t stand the feeling of being of little help in the hospital due to my young age and my inexperience. This change was the best decision I have ever taken! I gained loads of positive experiences. I met the purest souls, the most loving hearts and the brightest smiles in this home. From day to day I became more and more aware of the miserable conditions in which my sisters and brothers lived and it broke my heart. As soon as I came home I told four of my friends and my sister about my adventure and the five of them were right away enthusiastic about building a better home for the children. The harmony between our will to act enabled the foundation of Sharing a Smile. Between school, running, thaiboxing and music, my passion for travelling and helping others drove me to Nepal, where the simple act of smiling, talking about cultures, doing homework together, walking to school and dancing is enough to brighten someones’ day. I’ve learned that you don't need much to be happy if you don't have much, and I fell in love with that idea. Nevertheless, the children in this orphanage do not have access to the fundamental human rights yet, such as nutrition. And we are going to change this together!

Alex Reinert

Strategy Officer

Growing up in an environment where I have the chance to receive an education, have a full plate at each meal, travel and discover the world outside my comfort zone and witness the vicious cycle of poverty through my own eyes, a responsibility incarnated in me; I need to help as much as I possibly can, to enable safe and brighter futures to children, women, and men, born with the same smile but different opportunities than me.

After completing my business degrees in different capitals around Europe, I packed my bags and immersed myself in the rich and loving Nepali culture. It is almost impossible to explain the feelings, lessons and laughters the little sunshines from the Children Home have gifted me with. It is incredible that the less children have, the purer their happiness is.

Yet, education, sufficient food supply, hygiene and security is far from being normality for these innocent kids, which are dreaming of better conditions. With a passion for entrepreneurship, and a heart that I left with the shining stars in Kathmandu, I will work hard everyday to paint a smile on their faces, and I hope you will be sharing a smile as well.

Brice Da Costa

Treasurer and Event Manager

Hello, my name is Brice, and I'm the event manager for Sharing a Smile! I'm a first-year university student in Amsterdam. I am also a scout leader, and I enjoy challenging projects that take me out of my comfort zone. Because I was born in Luxembourg, a developed country, I never had to worry about anything. I've always had access to health care, education, and nutritious food. I consider myself very fortunate to have all of these advantages and to be able to attend university.

However, I believe that everyone in a more privileged position should do their best to help those in need, which is why I feel obligated to help our children in Nepal. I believe that the most important aspect of our work is assisting children in receiving the best education possible, as this is the most effective way to help them in the long run. That is why I am incredibly proud that seven of our children are able to attend university.

This project can be a lot of work at times, but I never get tired of it because I always keep the children in mind and the smiles we are able to share with them. I believe that the best feeling in the world is to make other people happy!

Melvin Wagner

Product Officer

Hi, my name is Melvin:)

I am passionate about medicine and more precisely about neurosurgery since I was a child. I have been practising artistic gymnastics, kitesurfing and playing the piano for the past ten years.

Moreover, I like to discover new horizons. I adore travelling. Indeed, travelling symbolizes for me the great adventure, the one that leaves traces in the soul. Nevertheless, during my many excursions to the four corners of the globe, I have been confronted with disastrous living conditions. Watching children in Madagascar foraging for food in the rubbish and seeing them struggle for survival has moved me deeply and has provoked in me an overwhelming call for mutual help. I feel a strong conviction that poverty is man-made and can therefore only be eliminated by common human actions. Every day our planet produces enough goods to meet our basic needs. If everyone only got what they needed and shared what they had in excess, there would be no poverty in the world and no one would die of starvation.

Lucia Vanetti

Marketing Officer

Being raised in a sheltered environment without war or financial problems, access to an education, one quickly forgets the dark side of this world. Where and when you are born is left to chance and no one can change where you are born into. Not every child has the same opportunities. Priviledged children, who have access to such opportunities, must stand up for those who do not. A goal of mine is to show other kids and young adults that standing up and raising aid isn’t difficult. It’s important for everyone to understand that from our privileged position, there is so much we can do to help! The joy of life that these children have, despite the circumstances, motivates me again and again and shows me that we have already achieved so much with so little. I see our Asbl as a bridge between these two different worlds. Our goal is not only to improve the lives of the less fortunate, but also to wake people up, and inform them about the endless poverty around the world.

Johanna Beyenburg

Operational Officer

Like many other children in Luxembourg, I grew up in a very sheltered and protected environment where I had access to free quality education and social security. In addition, my environment and upbringing allowed me to pursue my personal interests and create my own ideas of what my independent, self-determined future should look like. I am aware of the fact that this is not the case for many children and young people worldwide, especially young girls. I am particularly concerned about the education of the children in the home, as I believe it is the first step towards a financially secure and independent future where the children can pursue their dreams and career ideas. I would like to play a part in ensuring that these children have access to education, sufficient nutrition and hygiene, and a minimum level of privacy.

After completing my studies in psychology, it would be a dream of mine to support children not only in fulfilling their human rights but also to educate them in the area of mental health to fight against the stigmatization that still pervades this topic.

And finally all the members together