On the left you can see Ramlaxmi Bhumi. She comes from a very low-grade family, father and mother work all day long to feed their family. Due to her passion for studying and the terrible living conditions, she was sent to the orphanage to relieve their family of some of the burden and to realize her dream of going to a school.

Next to her is Puspa budha. Her parents have also fought for years to keep their family alive. Since the parents could no longer provide for her sufficiently, she was also brought to the orphanage.

Rajani Nepali is the girl with the blue trousers. Her father left her many years ago for a job in India and has never returned home since. She came to the orphanage at the age of 5 when her mother could no longer care for her.

Santoshi Chantyal is the girl with the glasses. She herself was a victim of a terrorist attack. She herself remained unwounded, but her father suffered severe injuries from which he has not recovered until today.