We are honored to have been awarded the Prix de Merite last night, a prize that goes to a charitable project created by young people. Despite the strong competition, the committee saw the potential in our project. The Prix de Merite is an award we did not expect after one year of Sharing A Smile […]

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Nepal is in a further lockdown as the situation continues to deteriorate and hospitals remain overcrowded. Fortunately, none of the orphans have tested positive yet. In addition, we have equipped the orphanage with FFP2 masks and more disinfectant to strengthen the preventive measures!ild!

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A big thank you goes to our partner FrëschKëscht, a luxembourgish mini-entreprise founded by young people from the Lycée Robert Schuman. We would also like to thank their customers who made such an incredible donation possible. If you are interested in Luxembourgish, locally produced goods, we would be pleased if you would visit FrëschKëscht on

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1500 Chai Lattes have been sold during the last three months of 2020 at Ready?! coffeeshop. Each Chai has contributed to a brighter future of Nepalese orphans. Thank you @readycoffeeshop and to all our chai drinking heroes!

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BIG NEWS! One year ago, we wouldn’t have thought that such a big project would become reality. However, we were positively surprised and supported enormously, so that the orphans now finally have CLEAN running water! With your help we are one step closer to our goal. One step foward towards an assured future! Thank you!

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Dhirendra and Sarita, both 19 years old are the first ones of their siblings to be able to go to college. Dhirendra inspired his brothers and sisters by getting a scholarship in engineering. He is thrilled about the subjects and the support he is getting from the other side of the globe. After a 2

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