The little princess on the left is called Aaryana Samsohang, whose mother died while giving birth to her. When she was 9 months old, she was lucky enough to be adopted by the lovely family who owns the orphanage. However, when she first arrived her health was in deplorable condition. She only had a 50/50 […]

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14 years ago a couple opened an orphanage taking care of 37 lovely children. Most of them, having lost their parents in a civil war in the West of Nepal, urgently needed a loving home. Sunitaa, a warm-hearted woman, takes care of these children as a mother would. She provides food and shelter for them,

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We will engage in fundraising activities to raise aid and give people in developed countries the opportunity to share a smile from one continent to another, being able to choose which project they will support, and being informed on the updates of each development. Starting in Kathmandu, Nepal, we want to improve the living conditions

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